The debt review process was introduced in 2007 with the National Credit Act (NCA).

Debt review or debt counselling as it is commonly known, is a debt solution targeted at South African consumers who are over indebted and struggling to manage their finances.

The National Credit Act (NCA) introduced the formal debt counselling program/debt review, in order to prevent consumers from being placed in a more difficult situation than what they are currently in especially with spiralling interest rates and arrear accumulation. It also ensures that the Creditors get paid instead of consumers not paying anything towards debt that is owed to them.

Debt review is the process whereby a debt counsellor assesses a client’s outstanding debt and implements a restructured debt repayment plan, which is called a PROPOSAL. This will be done through the process of renegotiating interest rates with credit providers in order to reduce them, as well as by extending the debt repayment terms.

A new affordable monthly budget and payment plan will be drawn up our debt counsellor, which will provide the client with the correct guidelines and means to live off.

In addition to this, the debt review process entails that the client makes only one monthly debt repayment to a payment distribution agency, which will then pay all the clients credit providers. This reduces the stress of having to keep up to date and on top of multiple debt repayments.

Most importantly, when under debt review, clients are legally protected by the National Credit Act (NCA) and creditors are no longer allowed to hassle them.


If you are drowning in debt, Legal & Debt Solutions is the answer you have been looking for. Thousands of South Africans are now living debt-free because they chose to take control of their financial situations and you can too!  

Creditors are often too quick to hand out credit to their customers and this has led many South Africans down a slippery slope into debt. If you are struggling to make your monthly payments each month then you can’t afford to wait for your situation to get worse. Choose debt counselling and we will help you find a way to resolve your debt situation by coming up with a payment plan that you can afford and getting the creditors off your back.

Benefits for the Consumer and the Creditor

When you sign up for debt counselling, you will benefit from it – but so will your creditors. Creditors are willing to work with debt counsellors because, while it helps you to get yourself out of debt, it also ensures that creditors are paid in the long run. Legal matters and repossession do not only cost you a lot of money but they also cost banks and other credit providers money and this is why they are more willing to negotiate with debt counsellors to resolve these issues.

Don’t just sit back and do nothing – Take action to resolve your debt problems NOW!

Once you sign up for our services, you will be protected IMMEDIATELY after your application has been signed and submitted. Yes, that’s right – IMMEDIATELY. You will no longer have to worry about legal action being taken against you or being blacklisted.


Its so simple…in 5 easy steps you will be PROTECTED

Step 1

Complete our application form and send it back to us either via email or fax. Do not stress about adding in account numbers or outstanding balances as this information is provided to us by the Creditors

Step 2

We evaluate your financial status and determine whether you qualify by applying the criteria in The National Credit Act.

(You have to be over-indebted to qualify)

 Step 3

If you are over-indebted, we offer immediate protection. You are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and we then notify all your Credit Providers and the Credit Bureaus that you are under Debt Review. From this point forward no Legal action can be taken against you and when a creditor attempts to contact you all you need to do is refer them to our offices and you can then breathe easy knowing  that you have the best legal team to work on your behalf.

Step 4

We then get all the debit orders running off your account cancelled and we load a debit order for your debt review payment. So every month there will be just 1 PAYMENT GOING OFF YOUR ACCOUNT , instead of numerous debit orders.

We then rework all your accounts and submit a proposal to all your creditors with the reduced instalments as well as reduced interest rates and we await the creditors feedback.

Step 5

If all your creditors accept your debt repayment plan, we will obtain a consent order from the Magistrates court alternatively the Consumer tribunal.

If any of your creditors rejects the repayment plan, we will refer the matter to a magistrate’s court with a recommendation, which we will seek to have made an order of court.

What you need to know:

All your payments will be made to a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) who will distribute your money according to your debt restructuring plan calculated by our trained professionals.  You have the security and peace of mind that the PDA Legal and Debt Solutions employs is accredited by the National Credit Regulator.

Provision is made for your Debt Counselling fees in your debt restructuring plan, ensuring that you will at all times only be making one affordable monthly payment towards your Credit Providers and your Debt Counselling fees.

When your debt obligations have been settled we will issue a Clearance Certificate, notify all participating parties as well as the Credit Bureaus. Your record will be updated and you will be debt free.

Have you paid up all your accounts and your name still appears on the credit bureau with a default or an outstanding amount? There are many South Africans who are facing this problem.

We are experts at resolving this, we work hand in hand with the various credit bureaus and we can ensure that your name gets cleared by providing the required documentation once your accounts are paid up.

Stop blacklisting

Stop living with low credit scores and being unable to get any credit

Let us remove all adverse listing from your credit report reports.

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Have you been denied credit or a job due to you having a judgement on your profile? Millions of South Africans have judgements taken against them daily and the worse part is that most of these people do not even know that there is a judgement against them or that legal action has been taken.

Creditors use the legal process of obtaining judgement against you in order to ensure that you pay amounts due to them and they are perfectly entitled to do so, provided they follow the correct procedure in obtaining this judgement.

These days there are many instances of Creditors using fraudulent means of obtaining judgement against consumers, and if you were not made aware that legal action had commenced or that a summons was not served on you by a Sheriff of the court, then you could be one of the consumers whom judgement was obtained against unlawfully.

We can assist you in rescinding judgements that have been taken against you. Click here and let us help you clear up all blacklisting and judgements listed against you.